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Un regalo para mamá - Segunda Edición by Patricia González Un regalo para mamá - Segunda Edición by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.95 1189 words
Una hermosa historia donde una pequeña niña recurre a su imaginación para lograr hacerle a su mamá un regalo maravilloso.
Sebastian and the Sewer Serpent by Mike Senczyszak Sebastian and the Sewer Serpent by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 2399 words Read a sample
Sebastian was bullied at school, until he met an unusual new friend. A not-so-typical children's story. Dark humor.
Bowl Full of Cornflakes by A. M. Forney Bowl Full of Cornflakes by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 1510 words Sample 5%
Bowl Full of Cornflakes is a collection of poems, written from the heart. From bad childhood experiences and traumas to cozy winter words, this short collection offers a view into the mind of someone who has truly endured hurt, sorrow, anger and happiness. It is a short book in preparation of a larger collection to come.
Kellassepp: Novell (Eesti väljaanne - Estonian edition) by Anna Erishkigal Kellassepp: Novell (Eesti väljaanne - Estonian edition) by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 10265 words Sample 20%
Maria O’Connore’il on palju suuremaid probleeme kui see fakt, et tema kell seiskus kell 3:57. Kui ta viib oma kella lahke parandaja juurde, ootamatult selgub, et ta sai kummalise auhinna – võimaluse taaselada ühe tunni oma elust. Aga saatusel on ranged reeglid mineviku torkimise suhtes, sealhulgas range hoiatus, et ei tohi tekitada aja-paradoksi. Kas Maria saab teha rahu oma kõige ...
Daddy's Li'l Kitten by Sweet Lix Media Daddy's Li'l Kitten by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 10131 words
When she's good, Daddy's good to her. When she's bad, she needs punishment. Whether Daddy's fucking her, petting her, or locking her in a cage, she loves being his kitten. And he can't wait to get her pregnant. (Daddy's Li'l Kitten is a 10,000-word erotic romance containing taboo pet play, BDSM, and explicit sexual content. For adults only!)
The Star of Two Suns by I G Hulme The Star of Two Suns by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 3520 words
The third book of The Circle of Souls - a Dark Fairy Tale. “This is a tale told within a tale; and the story of how the fair lady Maia and the dark lord Erebus came to haunt its telling. Much has been told of their sojourn within the realms of the Earth, but there are stories also of the Beginnings, and these are told within the Kingdom of Heaven...” - “A haunting story of magic & fable..."
Seducing Ethan by Anissa Palleson Seducing Ethan by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 4090 words Sample 20%
When her brother brings his best friend, Ethan, home for the holidays, nineteen-year-old Ashley is thrilled. She's ready to show Ethan that she's all grown up in any way that she can. And she has a secret weapon: the knowledge of one of his fantasies about being with a woman hard and unprotected. She'll help him live out that fantasy, if it means having him as her first...
A Cruel Angel by I G Hulme A Cruel Angel by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 5044 words
The second book of The Circle of Souls. A Dark Fairy Tale. - “There was one who entered the Kingdom of Heaven who was God’s finest achievement. She was fashioned from the most delicate light, the rarest jewels He could find, and was the most beloved of His children. She was the fairest angel amongst angels, and she was named Maia...” “An exquisite modern fairy-tale of a love that spans lifetimes.
A Forbidden Desire by Ginny Watson A Forbidden Desire by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.29 4027 words Sample 20%
Greg has taken his 18yo daughter Alice & her best friend Zoe away on holiday, although he questions how wise it will be considering that Zoe gives him a permanent erection! So imagine his surprise when he finds the sexy young blonde coming on to him... & he's even more shocked when he discovers it isn't just Zoe that wants to play! Caution: Incest Erotica. For 18+ Open Minded Adults Only!
The Witch's Heart by I G Hulme The Witch's Heart by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 10567 words
A Dark Fairy Tale. Erebus & Maia are due to be married, Prince & Princess, loved throughout the land. But there is one within the kingdom who is jealous of their love, a terrible Witch, who will stop at nothing until she has stolen their power for her own... “A beautiful & compelling tale for children & adults alike.”
Repaying Daddy’s Debt To Grandpa: A Family Menage Incest Story by Jocelyn Jax Repaying Daddy’s Debt To Grandpa: A Family Menage Incest Story by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 4089 words Sample 25%
When Daddy doesn't have the money to pay back the loan he got from Grandpa, I offer myself to pay Daddy's debt. Grandpa eagerly agrees and punishes Daddy by making him watch! ~ Note: This is a grandpa/granddaughter, father/daughter taboo incest erotic story with dubcon, menage/threesome, humiliation, cuckold, oral, squirting, bareback, creampie, and rough sex elements. All characters are 18+.
The Cairngorm Faeries by David Blair The Cairngorm Faeries by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 10313 words Sample 20%
High in the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland live a group of naughty and mischievous faeries. They are like the faeries found at the bottom of your garden, except they have crazy hair, a terrible sense of fashion, and they have to watch out for hungry mountain monsters. If you ever visit the mountains, look out for tiny doorways hidden on the hillsides. You may be lucky and spot a faerie or two.
Pounded By Prince by Nikki Blackmore Pounded By Prince by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 3187 words Sample 20%
My neighbors asked me to watch their dog for a week while they went on vacation. I was more than happy to do this for them. He was friendly and affectionate. But as I would soon find out, he was very affectionate! There were little signs he was interested in me, but it took a while before I realized this. He managed to get his tongue on me and for the first time I felt something stir in me...
Midnight Crew by Wolf Sherman Midnight Crew by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 3208 words Sample 20%
It was a world much like ours, parallel, but not in a hazy Sci-Fi kind of way... Brian had come to know how the eeriness of sundown in the forgotten part of the east-end of town, smeared itself thick and sticky with indifference to his career.
What Rex Sees: Part 1 by Krista Belk What Rex Sees: Part 1 by Dec. 14, 2017 Free! 847 words Read a sample
Rex and Callie, the alley's animals, are just discovering a new adventure together. Little do they know what awaits.
Hoguera de Sueños by Cindy Pantoja Hoguera de Sueños by Dec. 14, 2017 $3.99 7223 words
Julián López fue uno de los pocos sobrevivientes de la catástrofe del 22 de abril de 1992 en la ciudad de Guadalajara, él fue rescatado de entre los escombros, solo para ser abandonado en un albergue por su padre. Julián fue adoptado por una familia norteamericana y se convirtió en un reportero que trabajaba para la ONU, Su última consigna lo llevará enfrentar los fantasmas de su infancia.
Extra Cash Posing by Sue Teri Extra Cash Posing by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 8423 words Sample 20%
Sue needed extra cash. Looking in the classifieds of the university’s newspaper, she came Photo Shoot Model $500. Sue assume for that amount of money that the modeling must be nude. However if Sue wanted to make more money, she could earn $1000 posing for nude for hardcore men’s magazine or she could shoot a video for $3000. Decisions…decisions…decisions!
Mouth of the Underworld by Clint Westgard Mouth of the Underworld by Dec. 14, 2017 $2.99 7864 words
The Mouth of the Underworld, the eater of souls, has long been lost. But Kasuir and Jasryl, Hautlyrun youths who have heard endless tales of it, discover its entrance in the highlands above their town. But sometimes old tales do have a kernel of truth. For something awaits them in the Mouth of the Underworld. From it, there will be no escape.
Another Dance by Lucy Felthouse Another Dance by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 10767 words Sample 10%
Can another dance help them forget the pain of the past? After a colossal falling-out in their teens, Eden and Janine are thrown together in the same room for the first time in years. Can these ex-best friends finally put their issues behind them and move on? Or is their shattered friendship beyond repair?
The Wall by Rosa Marchisella The Wall by Dec. 14, 2017 $0.99 3961 words Sample 25%
For over a century, Doctor Raker has worked tirelessly toward a future free of crime. But, his vision of a peaceful world means eternal damnation for others.
Meddling by Lee Fisher Meddling by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 4893 words Sample 30%
Private Investigator Jean isn't content with his two boyfriends, Aaron and Mick, just being friends. He wants them to be lovers, too - and he's used to getting what he wants.
Page 99 by Wolf Sherman Page 99 by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 4032 words Read a sample
No one can say with absolute conviction, that there really isn't anything sinister, temporarily muted, and melted into the growing long shadows around midnight.
Annie's Turn by Debra Holt Annie's Turn by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 15860 words
Meet Annie, Trace, and Travis… the Cartwrights of Cartwright’s Crossing, Texas. In this prequel that introduces you to them, you’ll get a preview into their lives and what brought them to their own searches for happily-ever-after’s.
Quick Trade: Fraternity Hazing by Gavin Rockhard Quick Trade: Fraternity Hazing by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 2163 words Sample 20%
Oscar loves short, quick and dirty rough trade! Today he's lusting for the fraternity freshman who's the victim of a prank... and the beneficiary of Oscar's mouth! This is a flash-fiction ultra-short MM erotic tale!
Daddy, Please Don't Pull Out! by Lissa Black Daddy, Please Don't Pull Out! by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 3452 words Sample 10%
Headstrong Tammy knows that it takes a real man like her father to tame her down a bit. Will she be able to resist the charms of all the men in the family just waiting to have a shot at the hot and insatiable teen? ADULT INCEST CONTENT.
All I Want For Christmas Are Daddy And Uncle's Cocks: Double Penetration Incest 1 by Penelope Liksit All I Want For Christmas Are Daddy And Uncle's Cocks: Double Penetration Incest 1 by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 2100 words Sample 10%
A new Christmas tradition. Instead of a kiss under the mistletoe, an incestuous double penetration gangbang with my daddy and uncle.
Gangbanged In The Cage: Punished By The Dogs 1 by Penelope Liksit Gangbanged In The Cage: Punished By The Dogs 1 by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 2236 words Sample 10%
Some people said that in the fight game you win or you learn, but that was not the case in our organisation. For this was not the Ultimate Fighting Championships, this was the female only Ultimate Loser Gets Gangbanged By Dogs Championships. You won or you took multiple canine cock in your pussy.
Roc A Bye Baby by Nia Youngest Roc A Bye Baby by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 19476 words
A twist on a gangsta love story
Under Space by Tim Barry, Jr Under Space by Dec. 13, 2017 You set the price! 6604 words Sample 20%
Hundreds of years in the future, the surface of earth has become overheated and inhabitable due to climate change. Humanity has moved on to four underwater colonies, giant metal spherical structures floating in the oceans. Fin is a young boy living on Atlantic Colony. His journal entries detail what life is like as conditions worsen.
My New Neighbor by Henry C. Roberts My New Neighbor by Dec. 13, 2017 You set the price! 5594 words Sample 20%
Bobby has just started the summer before college. He has no idea what will fill his summer. When a new neighbor moves in next-door, his summer changes forever. When a new neighbor moves in, Bobby’s summer changes completely. He goes from video games and Netflix to the world of the porn industry. His new sexy voluptuous...
Barbie Takes on Teacher by Happy Rose Barbie Takes on Teacher by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 6278 words Sample 20%
Farah is flunking History so her plan is for her new Barbie Doll, Kaelynn, to seduce the teacher. Kaelynn is not sure about it at first, till she gets a taste of what he has to offer. She definitely wants more.
Newcomer: Chapter 11 by Mike White Newcomer: Chapter 11 by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 3879 words Read a sample
Cali and Faraday have to try to escape from some nasty murderous smoke, and they find something pretty terrifying in the process.
Let's Play War by Dan Mat Let's Play War by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 6351 words Sample 10%
Glimpse into the life of a child surviving the horrors of war
Cajero by Richard Guerra Cajero by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 6077 words Sample 20%
Cuento donde nos adentramos en el mundo de un creador, quien pertenece a la clase trabajadora de la sociedad de los Estados Unidos.
Love and Two Keys by Jamieson Wolf Love and Two Keys by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 8730 words Read a sample
Xander is an outcast at school. Then two things happen at once. Xander meets a boy named Alex and, when he does, the two keys he wears around his neck start to glow. Soon, Xander is faced with a choice: accept who he is and the chance at love? Or turn away from it all. Thankfully, it’s Christmas and magic can make anything possible…
The Bimbofication of Roberta Redfield: From Barrel-Shaped Butch to Beauty-Bodied Bimbo! by BR Eastman The Bimbofication of Roberta Redfield: From Barrel-Shaped Butch to Beauty-Bodied Bimbo! by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 4205 words Sample 20%
Roberta is the only woman on an oil rig, and she can hold her own among the rough, blue-collar men who work alongside her. But the one she lusts for is a handsome Brazilian stud who's terrified of Roberta's hulking brutish body. When Roberta finds a wish in a bottle, can she use her newfound beauty to land the Brazilian hunk of her dreams?
Cashier by Richard Guerra Cashier by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 6615 words Sample 10%
This is a story where we enter the world of a creator
Unfaithful by Kara Fiore Unfaithful by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 2402 words Sample 20%
A woman's relationship certainty is shattered when temptation becomes too great to resist. This new man happened at the most unexpected time. He knows what he wants, and it's her. She is about to learn how different, this new man's raw desire is compared to her husband...
Gangbang Daughter (Dad Catches Her & Joins In) by R.N. Helms Gangbang Daughter (Dad Catches Her & Joins In) by Dec. 13, 2017 $0.99 7817 words Sample 25%
My daughter Melanie and I started screwing on her 18th birthday, and it was the biggest secret in our lives. We quickly went from watching sex videos to the real thing, surprising us both. There’d been some mutual masturbation, a little dry humping and even some serious oral fun, but that same night we were doing it fast and furiously in the middle of the living room, carpet burn be damned.
Bitter: Baqash Origins by C.E. Wilson Bitter: Baqash Origins by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 15654 words Read a sample
Chris had just suffered through the worst earthquake imaginable. Then, a short time later, a second earthquake rocked the entire world. After those two devastating events, God sends a messenger to him. "Haven't I done enough for God? I'm a bitter, old man. Let me rest in peace." But to Chris' dismay God sent him on a 2000 mile journey to the Mohave Desert and didn't bother to explain to him why…
Death by Sex by Ari Thatcher Death by Sex by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 16963 words
When her sister marries her ex-boyfriend, Joely Nelson is torn between which old friend to forget the past. Tucker Brennan fits the tall, dark, and he’s mine mold, and is the kind of guy you can cuddle with. Beck’s blond curls beg to be touched, as do his six-pack abs. The trouble is, she can’t decide which she’d prefer.
Virtual Lust by M.C. Sonny Virtual Lust by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 4335 words Sample 20%
Both Trevor and Darren love their technology, especially their phone devices, so I treat them to something rather kinky in terms of a set of photos taken in secret, only to get caught. Will they point fingers at me with their father, or will they take matters into their own perverted hands? Intended for mature, open-minded readers, 18+
Doggy-Licking Results (Surprise Bestiality Wish 1) by Deana Michaels Doggy-Licking Results (Surprise Bestiality Wish 1) by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 9900 words Sample 20%
A virgin coed makes a wish to a witch that has one naughty surprise! Doggy Licking Results is a 7200 word bestiality, dog, mind-control, witch, virgin, first time, college, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral, masturbation erotica that is not for the faint of heart!
Bye-Bye, Bi by Kenn Dahll Bye-Bye, Bi by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 12027 words Sample 20%
A titillating exploration of the different manifestations of sexual orientation, Bye-Bye, Bi introduces a pair of apartment mates, one gay−mousy blond French-Canadian Marcel−and one bi−tall, dark, and handsome East European Timur−and follows them as they learn about each other and challenge sexual stereotypes.
The Gift of Hermes by Roy Ellison The Gift of Hermes by Dec. 13, 2017 $4.99 5492 words Sample 20%
Anastasia's husband sends her his newest acquisition: A statue of the god Hermes. Then something goes, well not exactly wrong, and she is changed. She'll need new clothes and pants are going to be rather tight. This work of erotic fiction contains female muscle growth, breast expansion and height growth. It also includes futa (she-male) stuff. All characters are at least 18 years old.
Musings and Amusings by W.E. Brower Jr. Musings and Amusings by Dec. 13, 2017 $1.99 5430 words Sample 5%
A collection of flash fiction plus reflection ranging in the bizarre horror area to inspirational.
Cold Hard Cash: A Sexy Stepbrother Story by Giselle Renarde Cold Hard Cash: A Sexy Stepbrother Story by Dec. 13, 2017 $2.99 8310 words
Carver thought his stepsister was nothing but a goody-goody college student… until he saw her on stage! Turns out his stepsister is a sexy stripper by night! And if she’ll dance for strange men in exchange for cold hard cash, what will she give to convince Carver to keep her secret safe?
Cheap by Hadley Foxe Cheap by Dec. 13, 2017 $1.99 7628 words
With help from the man of the house, I sell my body for pennies on the dollar.
Shadows of Illyria: The Letter by JM VanZuiden Shadows of Illyria: The Letter by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 3564 words Read a sample
The Letter is a Shadows of Illyria short story which highlights the races, key creatures, religious ideas, and critical history of the world of Aarden. Complete with illustrations, each entry is written like a simple encyclopedia-style entry. Enjoy this teaser into the world of Aarden and remember; Beware the Phantoms of War.
Ruffles and Lace by Guy Winters Ruffles and Lace by Dec. 13, 2017 Free! 13101 words Read a sample
When someone in your life turns it upside down then suddenly they leave what do you do? Jodi finds himself wandering through life having made decisions in the past that force him to make painful compromises in the present until he meets Erica, a woman who becomes more than a partner but someone to truly love. Ruffles and Lace is a gender blending romance that explores a unique love.